Is your Self-Talk helping, or hurting your business!

Is your Self-Talk helping, or hurting your business!

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What is Self-Talk:


Is your Self-Talk helping, or hurting your business!

Self-Talk is a way to override our past negative programming by erasing or replacing it with a conscious, positive new direction. Using Self-Talk in a specific manner will give you a new way to direct your subconscious mind by talking to yourself in a different, more empowering way. The new Self-Talk, internal conversation, that you will have with yourself will create new mental pictures in your mind of who and what you want to be, do and have.

Self-Talk gives you the opportunity to rid yourself of the old negative you and become a self which is no longer controlled by past conditioning, but controlled instead by personal choice.

I have listed the four levels of Self-Talk that we all participate in at some level during our life. There is also a sentence template which you can print off and simply fill in the blanks with whatever new Self-Talk conversations you would like to implement to start your new programming.


 The Four levels of Self-Talk

 1: Negative acceptance:

At this level you say things that are bad about yourself, and you accept them as being true, such as, I’m not smart enough, I’m to ugly to get that job, who would go out with someone who looks like me etc. etc.

2: The level of knowing you need to change, recognition:

At this level you are tricking yourself, you make statements to yourself such as “I need to” or “I should” but the issue with this type of Self-Talk is that it’s painful because it provides no solutions. You know you need to change but it doesn’t provide you with the answers of what actions to take to get the change.

3: The decision to change:

At this level you have finally woken up enough to understand that you need to make serious changes. You are at the point now where you realize that if you start using new empowering Self-Talk, based in the Now, you will eventually eliminate and replace the old negative “Cant’s “ with the new “I can” Self-Talk.

You will only use this level for a specific habit you want to change, such as smoking for example. Instead of saying things like “I am quitting smoking” you instead will say things like “I am a non smoker” “I live a healthy life” “I breath fresh air daily” “I have zero interest in smoking” and so on.

Initially your conscious “voice” will tell you to stop lying, as you have tried to stop smoking before and you have never succeeded in giving up, so you won’t give up now, however, like all things we persistently practice and repeat, there will come a time when the new empowering Self-Talk will take hold in your mind, and you will go to light a cigarette, and the new “voice” will say “what are you doing, you don’t smoke”? and then you will be free.

4: The level of the New you (I am)

At this level we discover the most effective type of Self-Talk we can ever implement into our daily vocabulary. At this level the words you will use are creating completely new pictures inside your mind, of you. They are literally creating a new you from the inside out.

Level four Self-Talk puts you on the path of empowering words rather than disempowering. You now state things in a positive, expectant way rather than the old “I can’t” way. This level of Self-Talk enables you to beat your fears into the ground and come out the victor every time. Because you, like all people, believe you deserve the best of everything that life has to offer, you can, with level four Self-Talk, alter your entire psyche and life results simply by speaking words of strength rather than poverty and failure.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The moment you recognize which level of Self-Talk is your daily dominant style, you can immediately implement a new set of empowering words to replace your current habitual negative Self-Talk conversations that are robbing you of the beautiful life you desire and deserve.

I have made a template of several Self-Talk sentences that you can implement into your daily life to install a new Self-Talk program. By simply filling in the blanks with whatever is relevant to your current situation and speaking them daily you can build your Self-Confidence and success more quickly and more easily.  You can copy and paste them to a word doc. Once you have adjusted them to suit your requirements you should print them out and put them somewhere in plain view where you can see and read them on a daily basis to build the new words, pictures, feelings, and actions into your daily life.


Here’s A list of Empowering SELF-TALK sentence structures for you to use to assist you to the top levels of success, Fast!

These sentences and examples are simply a template for you to adjust and refine as you see fit.


I am always attracting to myself all the money I need for whatever I desire to……

I am a prudent saver as saving my money enables me to…..

I attract money to myself quickly and easily through using the principle of autosuggestion to change my internal conversations.

Money flows to me easily as I’m an open receiving station to all opportunities to make money.

I attract money to myself like bees to honey as my mind is sweet with a “Money Conscious” attitude every……


I am a loving caring person toward myself and others at all times.

I respect myself and others whether I agree with them or not.

I am developing love for all humanity because I know that having a negative attitude toward others can never bring me success.

I respect my partner and his/her decisions at all times because only through respecting them will I be respected back.


I appreciate my job as it gives me the opportunity to…

Everyone in my work environment is doing the best they can with the current skill set that they have.

I am supportive of others because they are supportive of me.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As you read through all of these statements you will notice that they are all based in the present tense, based in the “I”, and they create a positive frame of mind toward the issue rather than a negative state of mind based on the problem.

I’m quite sure you now have enough of an understanding to write out your own sentences or statements which relate to any circumstance you wish to change or adjust to create a better result in your life.

I believe If you can think, you can become wealthy-

I believe If you take action, you can succeed!

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