So...what makes Self-Talk work?

So…what makes Self-Talk work?

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So…what makes Self-Talk work?

Self-talk affects the subconscious mind programming. It is the conversation that chatters constantly in the background of our minds without specific, conscious thought.
Things we tell ourselves about ourselves, about our job, or our life, but don’t think about before we say them.

The subconscious mind is programmed similarly to the way a computer is programmed, so like a computer, the subconscious mind will only perform the tasks that are put into it.

It’s a known fact that Information presented to the subconscious mind causes both a psychological and a physiological response and the subconscious mind does not hold any biases or beliefs other than those that have already been programmed in.

Your subconscious records exactly what it receives without regard to where it comes from or how it gets the information, or even if the information is true or false, right or wrong.

The input you accept from others, and the conscious and unconscious directives, pictures, feelings and thoughts that you transmit to yourself in your own control center of the brain–the subconscious mind are just some of the reasons you have the life you have.

If you want to understand Self-Talk on a deeper level then I suggest reading The Self-Talk Solution by Shad Helmstetter, which is one of the main sources of self-talk information.

Before we get into the examples of what we should be saying to ourselves, it would be beneficial to recognize what types of phrases we shouldn’t be saying.

What to Avoid say:

Nothing ever goes right. (a.k.a. Could just one thing go right?)
I’m no good at … (a.k.a. I’m not that creative/smart/ambitious)
Why should I try, It won’t work out anyway.
I’ve tried and I can’t do…
What is wrong with me today…
It’s just not my day..
I’m so tired.

We’ve all been guilty of just about every one of these in one form or another for a large part of our lives. Hence the reason for most peoples generally negative/pessimistic personality for the majority of their years.

The best thing to do now is to consciously make the effort to change your thoughts by restructuring your sentences to create positive feelings and actions.

Such as:
“Nothing ever goes right” could be reworded to say “This isn’t going right for me now but many things go right for me every day”

“I’m no good at” converts to “I’m learning how this works so I can get better at it”

“Why should I try, It won’t work out anyway” converts to “I love to try as many things work out for me”

“I’ve tried but I can’t do” converts to “The more I try the better I get”

“What is wrong with me today” converts to “What is it that I need to fine tune to get the right result today”

“It’s just not my day” converts to “Everyday is a great day”

“I’m so tired” converts to “I’m so excited my energy levels are high”

As you can see by these examples it’s very easy to replace negative statements into empowering statements, all it takes is awareness and consistent practice.

Just an idea, I could be wrong/right!

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